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Welcome to the Czech Republic. A land of beer, historical landmarks, and stunning nature. What’s more, you can travel abroad without actually leaving the country. How is that possible? Well, you’ll find many places here that resemble Stonehenge, Venice, and even the Grand Canyon. So, where should you go for these global experiences?

Prague’s Venice

Forget about plane tickets, just take a walk down Prague streets. Prague’s Kampa is rightfully compared to the Italian Venice, located near Charles Bridge. Just descend to the river, and you’ll find yourself amidst a maze of cozy streets, historic buildings, watermills, and gardens.

You can even enjoy a romantic boat ride along the canal that separates Kampa from the Vltava river. And when you want to relax, there are numerous small cafes with excellent coffee or traditional Czech restaurants that will tale you back in time. It’s truly the best mix of the present and the past.

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Moravian Tuscany

Let’s stay in Italy for a while. If you’re drawn to Tuscany and love admiring historic villages and picturesque towns, head to Telč in South Bohemia. Getting lost in its narrow streets lined with Renaissance houses and colorful facades is pure joy. It truly reminds you of Tuscany in many ways.

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Nature lovers can venture further east to the surroundings of the city of Kyjov in the South Moravian Region. Here, you’ll be free from urban noice and crowds of tourists, surrounded by untouched nature with an Italian spark. And don’t forget to visit a Moravian wine cellar!

What to do in Kyjov

Czech Stonehenge

Are you fascinated by mysteries and enjoy exploring unique places? Discover the Czech versions of the prehistoric monument, Stonehenge. The Czech Republic is home to various formations of dolmens and menhirs, differing in size, layout, and surrounding environment.

For example, head northeast and take a walk around the village of Říčky in the Orlické Mountains. Equally magical is the Druid Stone Circle near Pelhřimov, which will take you to the times of the Knights of the Round Table, and the Holašovice Circle in South Bohemia.

Take a look at Říčky in the mountains

Visit the Druid Stone Circle

Grand Canyon of central Bohemia

You might not find red rock formations here like in the USA, but unforgettable views are certainly on offer. The Máj lookout near Prague is one of the most popular places for walks, reminiscent of the famous American national park. The Vltava river forms a horseshoe here, providing a beautiful panorama to behold.

The Máj lookout itself is located on a nearby rock formations. You can reach it with about an hour’s walk through picturesque forests and surrounding fields. It’s truly one of the most beautiful views of the Vltava river in the vicinity of the capital.

Discover the Máj lookout

Hřensko’s Oregon

Czech Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places in the Czech Republic and offers several reasons to spend a long weekend there. Besides the famous natural monument, the Pravčice Gate, you can enjoy a several-hour hike through the northern forests and the magnificent views of the surrounding landscape due to its high elevation.

Enjoy the view from the Pravčice Gate

Just a quick hike from the gate, you’ll also find the Hřensko Gorges, strikingly reminiscent of the Oneonta Gorge in the US state of Oregon. Along with the crystal clear surface of the water and rock formations creating a narrow natural alley, you can look forward to a romantic boat ride on the Kamenice river. Or you can embark on a hike along the adjacent trail.

Explore Hřensko

China of Jičín

The Chinese national park Zhangjiajie gained fame as the inspiration for the otherworldly place depicted by director James Cameron in the film Avatar. But to visit a rock city, you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world. Just visit the Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) nature reserve and the Prachov Rocks.

These locations strikingly resemble the levitating rocks from the movie and offer a unique experience. Simply take a several-hour walk among the towering rock formations. All of this is just a few hours away from the busy streets of Prague. And while you’re there, take a quick trip to the nearby cozy town of Jičín, full of small cafes and great homemade cuisine.

Visit Český ráj

Czech England

To experience the architecture of England, visit Lednice castle. This elegant chateau with its English architecture and adjacent gardens is among the most beautiful complexes in the country. Taking a stroll around the lake and exotic plants will transport you to an English estate. And don’t forget about the picnics that attract people from far and wide.

Take a walk around Lednice castle

To travel the world, you don’t necessarily have to leave the Czech Republic. Here, you’ll discover charming places – from picturesque Prague’s Venice and Moravian Tuscany to the mysterious Czech Stonehenge. Also, be sure to check out our weekend tips and trips around the Czech Republic.


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