Why we started Rozumiju?

Rozumiju is created by C3 Prague, a content marketing agency. How it all started?

In March 2022, we received a message via Creative Shelter, a website that connects Ukrainian refugees working in the creative industry with marketing agencies in destination countries. “My name is Anna. I’m a refugee from Odessa. A few days ago, me and my boyfriend moved to Prague, and I’m looking for a job,” said the e-mail. It turned out that Anya was a photographer with a lot of experience in social networks management, and she was also really nice. We knew right away that this would be the perfect match for our team. And so, we shook hands.

But then, challenges and questions appeared. What do we even know about Ukrainian culture? Can everyone find a job and adapt to the new environment as easily as Anya? If not, what can we do to help them? And how do the people who had to leave their home in a hurry feel, not knowing when they would be able to return? We decided to create a place that would answer as many such questions as possible. A place that:

  • will help Czech citizens get to know Ukrainian culture, and Ukrainian refugees get to know Czech culture. For example, through tips directly from Anya.
  • will inspire, help, and tell stories that everyone can relate to. And also show that each refugee is, above all, a person who can enrich us. Both culturally and personally.
  • will promote mutual – and so important – understanding. In three languages at once.
Meet our editorial team
Rozumiju was created by C3 Prague, a content marketing agency.