Family trips in the Czech Republic. What not to miss?

The Czech Republic offers countless places where children and their parents will not be bored. Whether you have a lover of animals, trains, princesses, Lego or nature at home, there is something for everyone in the Czech Republic. What are your summer plans with the kids?

Playgrounds and amusement parks

Children and the playground – an inseparable duo. Where should you go if you want to treat your little ones to something special?

Marble paradise

More than one collector of marbles is going to have a blast in Zruč nad Sázavou. If someone happens to not own any marbles, they can purchase them at the adjacent information centre. Individuals as well as groups will have fun on the marble track. Which marble and which track will be the fastest? Not far from the marble track there is a traffic playground with a rental service for pedal cars and a children’s playground with over 40 attractions. So, both you and your children will be entertained for the whole day.

Entry: free

Address: 5. května 401, Zruč nad Sázavou


Forest playground near Křivoklát

Especially on hot summer days a playground offering shelter from the sun comes in handy. If you don’t want to hide with your children indoors, a forest playground is an ideal option. You will find such a playground near one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic – Křivoklát.

Entry: free

Address: Nechlebárna 43, Křivoklát


Forest Park in Czech Canada

An observation tower, a maze, a secret underground passage, a sand pit, a cableway – all this and much more is offered by Forest Park U Jakuba, which you will find near Jindřichův Hradec.

Entry: free

Address: Valtínov, Kunžak


Children’s playground in Prokop Valley

In the Prokop and Dalej Valleys Nature Reserve one feels as if they are not even in Prague. Along the educational trail you will pass by lakes, quarries, rocky outcrops, but also by a playground set in a patch under limestone cliffs. Next to the playground there is also a public fire pit, so bring some sausages with you.

Entry: free

Address: Prokopské údolí, Praha 5


Children’s playroom in Telč

In Telč – a town with its historical centre listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will find Panský dvůr. There you can stay overnight, have a lunch, or just go for a coffee. In the local café you can relax while your children have fun in the playroom filled with wooden climbing frames, carousels and sliders.

Entry: kids 70 Kč

Address: Slavatovská 86, Telč


Educational trails

The Czech Republic is entwined with educational trails – we have a total of 2,411 of them here. However, not all of them are adapted for small children. Which educational trails are popular among parents?

The fairy tale trail in Malá Úpa

Entry: free

Address: Dolní Malá Úpa 115, Malá Úpa

Length: 17 km



Wolf enclosure

Entry: free

Address: Srní 29

Length: 2,5 km



With a knight on Blaník

Entry: free

Address: Louňovice pod Blaníkem – rozcestí Na Výhledu

Length: 3,5 km



Games with animals in Sušice

Entry: free

Address: náměstí Svobody, Sušice

Length: 1 km


For animal lovers

What child wouldn’t love animals? You’ve probably already been to Prague Zoo with your little ones, so where to next?

Zoo and Chateau Zlin-Lesna

Zlín Zoo, established in 1948, is one of the most visited places in Moravia. It ranks second in terms of visitor attendance among Czech zoological gardens. The zoo is home to elephants, jaguars, giraffes, or tigers. The Lešná castle from the end of the 19th century is also located in the area.

Entry: kids under 3 free, kids 150 Kč, adults 210 Kč, family from 570 Kč

Address: Lukovská 112, Zlín


Forest Zoo in Malá Chuchle

The forest zoo is open to the public all year round. Here you will find animals typical for Czech nature, such as European deer, wild boar, or lynx.

Entry: free

Address: V Lázních 8, Velká Chuchle-Malá Chuchle


Water of life in Modrá

In the Water of life complex, you can get to know freshwater animals. In the underwater tunnel, you can closely encounter carps, trouts, common barbels and pikes. Then you can take a walk through an educational garden full of herbs all the way to the enclosure with the aurochs.

Entry: kids 70 Kč, adults 100 Kč, family 300 Kč

Address: Modrá 233


There are countless places to visit animals in the Czech Republic. Which ones are worth it?

Zoo Chomutov – biggest zoo in Czech Republic

Entry: kids under 3 free, kids from 50 Kč, adults from 90 Kč, family from 100 Kč

Address: Přemyslova 259, Chomutov



Zoo Zájezd

Entry: kids under 3 free, kids 110 Kč, adults 170 Kč, family from 460 Kč

Address: Zájezd 5



Lama centre Hády

Entry: kids under 3 free, kids 40 Kč, adults 80 Kč

Address: Maloměřice



Fallow deer enclosure in Veltrusy

Entry: free

Address: Ostrov 59, Veltrusy


For train lovers

Does your child love trains? Do you constantly go to observe them? Can’t he reach for anything else in the toy store? Then these trips will get him excited.

Sugar beets track in Kolín

Train transport enthusiasts will certainly appreciate a trip to Kolín. Visitors can take a ride there in a steam or diesel locomotive on a narrow-gauge track that was once used to transport sugar beets.

Entry: kids under 6 free, kids from 110 Kč, adults from 180 Kč

Address: Ovčárecká 544, Kolín


Sázava Pacific

A ride on the renowned tracks of the Sázava Pacific should not be missing in the list of any train enthusiast. On the route number 210, you can ride from Prague through Vrané nad Vltavou to Čerčany. Route 212 offers a ride from Čerčany through Český Šternberk to Světlá nad Sázavou.

Entry: tariff of the Prague Integrated Transport

Address: Praha hl. nádraží – Týnec nad Sázavou


Prague “motoráček”

Throughout the year the Prague “motoráček“ departs from Prague Main Station to Prague-Zličín station on weekends. The route offers views of Prague Castle and Vyšehrad. The “motoráček“ passes through the Prague-Motol Nature Park and by the Dívčí Hrady in Jinonice. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautiful railway routes in Prague.

Entry: tariff of the Prague Integrated Transport

Address: Praha hl. nádraží – Praha-Zličín


Visiting a princess

Castles and chateaux tours are more popular among parents than children. However, keeping the attention of young visitors is easy managed by princesses or witches. Where can you encounter such guides?

Sychrov castle

Entry: kids under 5 free, kids 160 Kč, adults 160 Kč



Kynžvart castle

Entry: kids 100 Kč, adults 100 Kč



Zákupy castle

Entry: kids 60 Kč, adults 200 Kč



Mníšek pod Brdy castle

Entry: kids 80 Kč, adults 80 Kč


Other interesting places for a family trip

The possibilities for a trip are unlimited in the Czech Republic. But what else is definitely worth it?

All in one place

See (almost) all Czech monuments in one day? Why not! 75 models of monuments await you in Park Boheminium in Mariánské Lázně. You can visit Karlštejn castle, Hluboká nad Vltavou castle, Ještěd or Máchovo jezero.

Entry: kids 140 Kč, adults 190 Kč

Address: Krakonoš 665, Mariánské Lázně


Something for fans of building blocks

In Lipno nad Vltavou you will find the largest Czech LEGO world. There are 40 giant LEGO sets waiting for you worked out to the smallest detail. However, the Czech Republic is inseparably connected to the Merkur building blocks, which have been sold here since the mid-20th century. There is a museum dedicated to Merkur in Police nad Metují.


Entry: kids 171 Kč, adults 225 Kč, family from 590 Kč

Address: Lipno nad Vltavou 998



Merkur museum

Entry: kids 60 Kč, adults 110 Kč, family 240 Kč

Address: Tyršova 341, Police nad Metují


Fairy tale town

When someone mentions “Jičín” in the Czech Republic, the immediate response from others is “the city of fairy tales.” This fairy tale town in the Czech Paradise is connected with Večerníček (TV series of bedtime stories) about the robber Rumcajs. You can visit Rumcajs’s world, walk along the Cipísek trail or attend the 32nd edition of the Jičín – City of Fairy tale festival in September.


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