From mountain spa to art galleries. Where to go for a trip in Czechia?

You still have no plans for this weekend and you want to go on a trip? Here are some tips for places you can visit all around the Czech Republic from Silesia to Northwest Bohemia. Enjoy the functionalist architecture, mountain hikes, microbreweries and more. Our editorial team picked their favourite places.


Most: The Cinderella of Northwest Bohemia

A bit grimy in a way, yet bewitching. The historical town of Most was almost completely destroyed in the 70’s and 80’s due to lignite mines that expanded all over the area. A new city centre was built, in line with the back-then architectural style called brutalism. Loads of concrete and interesting structures to be admired. Just like the A2 magazine says: “Most is not a communist Frankenstein, but an underappreciated unique city.” As more and more places that used to serve as coal mines are being recultivated, many new interesting projects keep appearing: such as the Lake Most, which offers perfect conditions for free outdoor swimming, plenty of refreshments and fun for adults as well as kids. Most is also surrounded by beautiful nature. What about taking a walk to the Hněvín Castle and rewarding yourself in the newly opened Most Microbrewery afterwards?

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Kutná Hora: The town with silver past

Visiting this small town in central Bohemia is always a good idea. In the Middle Ages, Kutná Hora used to be a wealthy and famous centre of silver mining, which significantly influenced the town’s appearance. Since Kutná Hora is full of remarkable historical monuments, the town was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take time to visit the town’s symbol, St. Barbara’s Church, or other impressive places, such as the Sedlec ossuary, the Church of Saint James the Great, the Italian Court, or the Central Bohemian Gallery at the Jesuit College. The last two on the list also include their nearby gardens, where you can just relax and enjoy a coffee or a drink. If you want to spend some time in a local greenery, try “Královská procházka” – a trail along a small river Vrchlice. And if you’re up for some adventure, you can visit medieval silver mines and explore the town from below the ground.

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Vojtěch TKÁČ

Karlova Studánka: Mountain spa and the cleanest air

Mountains, hot springs, spa. What could possibly go wrong if you choose this combination for your holiday? Karlova Studánka is a wonderful fairytale-like town located in northern Moravia. The local air is allegedly the cleanest in Central Europe. Be sure to try fresh mineral water from hot springs. Legends say that local water has healing powers – and it’s all you can drink! Similarly, you can admire the surrounding Jeseniky mountains for free as much as you wish. Experience a popular nature trail of Bílá Opava that will take you from Karlova Studánka all the way up to Praděd, the second highest mountain in the Czech Republic. If you’re visiting the town during winter, don’t forget your skis or snowboards. They will come in handy in resorts like Karlov and Kopřivná. Movie fans will definitely recognize the iconic Silesian House made famous by a popular comedy I Enjoy the World with You.

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Zlín: A piece of America in Moravia

A skyscraper, brick houses, and film ateliers. Perfect location for an old Woody Allen movie, right? But you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic to feel like Annie Hall. Just go to Zlín! At the beginning of the 20th century, this place was a small Moravian town where geese quacked in the streets. Then came the Bata family and turned a modern city with high-rise buildings, art salons, and film studios. Nowadays, you can admire functionalist architecture and galleries here, take a ride with the paternoster or peek into the places where masters of Czech animation like Karel Zeman worked.

Need a tip for the perfect guide? Check the beautiful USE-IT map made by locals.


Opava: The pearl of Silesia

Gothic Churches, beautiful gardens, or a functionalist outdoor swimming pool from 1931. Cozy city of Opava is one of the historical centres of Silesia. Start your trip with a cup of specialty coffee in Kupkafe or Máma mele kafe. Be sure to pass by the city’s symbol, the town hall called Hláska and the atypical fountain Koule, which works as a model of the solar system. Opava is very green and surrounded by many parks. Don’t forget to climb the Bird Hill, not only for the view of an old Minorite Monastery, but also to admire sculptures by the local artist Kurt Gebauer. In case you want to experience more art, finish your trip with KUPE gallery, a cultural-artistic space in the renovated water tower near the railway station. Oh, and whenever you get thirsty, you can always stop for a great Pilsner Urquell beer at the legendary pub U Bílého koníčka.

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