Hi, it’s Anya! Where to go shopping in Prague?

I’m originally from Mykolaiv but have been living in Odessa from the age of 7. Since Odessa is very popular in Europe because of its cuisine, I can safely call myself a foodie. Not only do I like to eat delicious food, but I also enjoy finding places where I can buy interesting products. Especially, the ones that remind me of home.

Odessa and market culture are one and the same. That’s why the first thing I wanted to find in Prague were markets. There are many farmers’ markets in Prague with a variety of local fruit, vegetables and other products. Of course, they are not as large as the most famous food market in Odessa – Privoz – but you will be pleasantly surprised by the choice of products as well. I would like to share my favorite places with you.

Farmers’ markets in Prague

Please, note that farmers’ markets in Prague close during the colder winter months, and usually reopen during February-March.

Trhy Jiřího z Poděbrad, which locals call briefly Jiřák. This market is not far from my work, so during the lunch break, I quite often take a walk there and buy some fruits. The advantages of Jiřák are its location and small size. It is quite compact, but you can find everything you need there: from vegetables, fresh meat and prepared meals to handmade ceramics and various products from Czech artisans. The market is open from Wednesday to Friday (8:00-18:00) and also on Saturday (8:00-14:00). The participants change frequently, and there are also some themed festivals.

Probably, the most visited and “instagrammable” market in Prague – Náplavka.
A picturesque market on the Vltava promenade, where a large number of farmers from different parts of the Czech Republic gather every Saturday. My favourite spots: Mlékárna Krasolesí with their cottage cheese, like at Odessa markets; JZT Ferments – delicious kombucha, both on tap and bottled to go; Gardenista – local florists who deliver rare and beautiful species of flowers.

Farmářské trhy na Kulaťáku is one of Prague’s biggest markets in the Dejvice district. The market is held every Saturday from 8:00 to 14:00. It is dedicated exclusively to local Czech products, so you can find representants of many small and larger farms there. Dairy products, meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as numerous corners with ready-made meals and local beverages. You can see a more detailed list of participants here.

The first farmer’s market without plastic packaging in the Holešovice area – Heřmaňák. The market’s aim is conscious consumption, so you won’t find plastic bags or cups there. Drinks are available only in glass or porcelain. If you want to reduce the use of plastic, fight for ocean conservation and you also prefer to shop with your own packaging and shoppers, this small and cozy market is definitely for you!

If you live near the Vršovice area, I recommend stopping by the market Kubáň. It’s a quiet spot in the middle of the park, far away from car traffic, perfect for families with children. Vegetables and herbs, flowers, meat and dairy products from verified Czech farms, homemade bread, beer produced by small breweries, and other goods from honest vendors. The market is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays (8:00-16:00), and Saturdays (8:00-14:00). The market also sometimes holds events for kids, stay tuned here.

Hala 22 is an indoor pavilion of the big market Pražská tržnice in the Holešovice area. Great selection and good prices on seasonal fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. There’s also a corner with Dutch cheese, Uzbek specialties and farm dairy products. Pražská tržnice has several restaurants and cafes, and there are frequent design markets, as well as food festivals. You can find more information here. The market is open every day according to the following schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (8:00-17:00), Thursday (8:00-19:00), Saturday (8:00-14:00). You can even shop here during the colder months of the year, since in winter the market operates with certain restrictions.

Hala 22 stays open throughout the year.

If you want the market delivered to your doorstep, or pick your selected products up at a place you choose yourself, enjoy a selection of farm products on Scuk. Everything from meat and fish to vegetables – exactly like at the market, all year long and available anytime. A great way to discover different Czech farms.


Where do I shop for groceries on a daily basis? My favorite supermarket chain is Albert. There are supermarkets all over the city, but the range of products they offer can vary from area to area. It’s a good option for shopping for everyday foods like cereal, meat, dairy products, drinks.

Billa offers not only a decent selection of products, but also constant discounts on some basics, such as fruit, granola, cheese and canned goods.

But there are many more supermarkets: like Lidl, Kaufland and Tesco.

If you prefer home delivery from supermarkets, popular bakeries and cafés, choose Rohlik or Košík.

The many herbs you can buy at the Jiřák markets.

Delicacy shops

In case you are looking for some imported products from Italy, France and other countries, there are many gourmet shops where you can find them.

Delmart is a chain of small shops with their own import of French cheeses, Italian and Spanish deli meats, and much more. There are pre-packaged sandwiches, salads and side dishes, which are handy for a quick office lunch.

A place where I usually find great prosecco on Fridays is Moje Kredenc. You can spot ready-to-eat roast beef at the Moje Kredenc branch in Flora on certain days. Gastronomy also offers various Italian antipasti, wines and rustic meats.

Another foodie spot is Sklizeno. Fresh meat, eggs, dairy products, desserts and pastries, coffee and wines. You’ll also find a plenty of dishes that you can simply reheat. The Sklizeno range will satisfy lovers of organic food, raw food, as well as vegans.

Sklizeno offers a wide range of high-quality products.

Marks & Spencer offers a good selection of quality British products, and you can also find some recipes on their website. Check out the food variety here.

Specialty gastronomies

Since I’m passionate about Italy, I’d like to mention a couple of places with Italian specialties as a final point. Their prices will be higher than average, but the quality of food is sure to please.

Wine Food The Italians is a large Italian market with gastronomy, a restaurant, and its own bakery. Good selection of wines, cheeses and meats, ready-to-eat Italian signature dishes (e.g., Bolognese sauce for pasta, lasagna, melanzane), and delicious homemade ice cream.

Italian specialities at Wine Food The Italians.

If you miss Parmiggiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano, you’ll definitely enjoy La Formaggeria Gran Moravia. Perfect for pairing cheese with a glass of wine, picking up some pasta fresca and having a romantic evening. A chain of shops not just in Prague, but all around the Czech Republic.

And what are your favorite places for grocery shopping in the Czech Republic? Share your tips with us!


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