Driving a car in the Czech Republic. What you need to know?

Have you moved to the Czech Republic and want to learn to drive a car? Or have you lost your Ukrainian documents and need to exchange them in the Czech Republic? Moving to a new country brings about many questions – including those related to road transport.

Ukrainian citizens can drive a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic with their original Ukrainian driver’s license, because the document corresponds to the standard set by the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic from 1968. If you don’t have a license that fits the standard, you cannot legally drive a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic. Another option is to exchange your Ukrainian driver’s license for a Czech one. However, this is only possible if the applicant has a habitual residence in the Czech Republic and spends at least 185 days of the current calendar year here. The license exchanges are handled by municipal offices with extended powers.

Detailed information on driver’s licenses, car registration, forms and all other necessary documents can be found on the website of the Ministry of Transport . The page is available in Czech and English, and for the Ukrainian translation, you simply need to scroll down a little.

What to do if you’ve lost your driver’s license?

Losing one’s documents is always an unpleasant matter. In addition, it is not possible to operate any motor vehicle in the Czech Republic without a license. However, you can obtain a temporary driver’s license if your ability to drive can be verified on the Ukrainian electronic register of driving licenses. At the same time, you need to apply for a new driver’s license if you plan to stay in the Czech Republic and continue to drive.

Forms, documents, and other essentials

In order to obtain a Czech driver’s license, the person concerned must personally go to the municipal office with extended powers and bring an ID or a passport. Foreigners (without distinction) must also submit a residence permit and other documents proving their habitual residence in the Czech Republic. All applicants will pay a small fee for the issuance of a new driver’s license. If they decide to wait the usual 20 days to get the document, the fee is CZK 200. However, if they want to pick it up within five working days, they will pay CZK 700. Finally, they also need to submit an application for the issuance of a driver’s license, i.e., a form with already filled-in personal data.

I want to learn to drive a car. What should I do?

Everyone who wants to get a driver’s license in the Czech Republic must pass a test at a driving school and apply for the license based on successful completion of the training. The license can be issued only to those who have a habitual residence in the Czech Republic.

Choose a high-quality driving school that prepares its students not only for the final exams, but also any future travels. The price for completing a driving school in Prague is approximately 19,000 CZK. The training consists of a theoretical instruction to road traffic rules and a practical part during which students will learn how to drive a car (or a motorcycle).

Before they get their driver’s license, students spend dozens of hours behind the wheel, under the supervision of an instructor. The completion of the entire training usually takes about 2-3 months, or even 1 month in the case of a motorcycle. In the end, students take a final 25-question test and complete a ride with an instructor and examiner. During the driving exam, they should stay calm, focus, and follow the rules they have learned. After successfully passing the tests, they will receive a certificate of completion and they can visit the municipal office to apply for a new driver’s license.

Registration and purchase of a car

If your car is registered in Ukraine, you can drive it in the Czech Republic for a maximum of 6 months. After that, it is necessary to register the car here. In order to complete the registration, it is necessary for the car to pass technical tests and meet the EU standards.

Are you considering buying a car in the Czech Republic? In that case, you need to be granted an asylum or have a habitual residence in the country. If you cannot provide proof of your Czech residence, you will receive a temporary license plate valid for only three months. Although the whole process may seem complicated and stressful, experts at Czech municipal offices and driving schools will do their best to help you get through it.


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