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Hi, it’s Anya! How did I start to learn Czech?

After I started working in C3 Prague, there was one aspect that I was worried about – the language barrier.

When you work in a company where 95% of your colleagues are Czech, you struggle a lot. Everyone is helpful and caring, yes, but sitting in the office and constantly listening to a language you can’t understand is not that much fun. Luckily, all of my colleagues speak English – but still, this year, I hope to learn Czech and switch to it completely.

Day 1.

The first day of my Czech lessons. Many words sound Ukrainian, but not all of them. For example ‘chléb’.  Some of the words sound strange. Like the ones with the letter ‘ř’: řekněme, příští, Jiřího z Poděbrad. 🙂

Day 2.

Verbs – my favourite part of language learning! Once you know some verbs, you can start to talk step by step, and it’s becoming easier to understand native language speakers.

Day 3.

We discussed what we like and what we don’t. And also food! Now that’s interesting.

Day 4.

Finally, I can order in Czech. Let’s try this during lunch. Dám si… všechno!

Day 5.

More new verbs today: to eat, to drink, to want, and to read. I’m improving quite fast, that’s promising.

Day 6.

Special day – it’s my birthday, or, as you say in Czech, narozeniny.

Day 7.

Promiňte, nemám čas, pospíchám.

Day 8.

Today is čtvrtek. Now I know the days of the week.

Day 9.

The last day of this short course. That’s too bad, I just started to enjoy it! But no worries, the next one is coming soon. The same place, the same teacher, but a different group. I’ll miss my classmates but I’m looking forward to meeting new people out there.


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