Explore contemporary Czech music. Who shines the brightest among young artists?

Are you trying to get to know what contemporary Czech music sounds like? Let us introduce you to some gentle songwriters, indie bands, techno producers and incredible rappers. Although strict genre labeling is outdated, we recommend young artists based on several styles. These are the musicians who are breaking stereotypes in the Czech Republic.



Štěpán Hebík introduced himself years ago as the frontman of a reggae group Pub Animals. It was only under the pseudonym 7krát3 when he became well-known to the public and won prestigious local music awards. His velvet falsetto wrapped in a colorful R&B outfit was the missing ingredient in the cocktail of Czech music.



Singer Annabelle confirms that it no longer makes sense to divide music into “local” and “world”. Her pop hits work on the stages of Czech clubs, but at the same time they are listened by hundreds of thousands people on global streaming platforms. A photo of Annabelle graced a billboard at the iconic Times Square.



It’s no secret that the influence of nearby Berlin is reflected not only in Prague’s gastronomy, but also in culture. One of the main examples is the twins Jiří and Ondřej Veselý aka Bratři. They mix the aesthetics of industrial techno with live drums and synthesizers unbelievably well.


Hellwana & Arleta

For a long time, Czech rap was mainly a man’s world. Fortunately, the status quo is finally changing and strong female voices are getting the attention they deserve. You can’t miss Hellwana or Arleta among cool female rappers. Their distinctive sound is carried by experimental electronics and trap beats.



The life of millennials, Czech underground and beloved places of Prague. The texts of a trio called Dukla is full of these motives. This band became an idol of Czech hipsters and, for many, synonymous with the Prague independent scene. Your walks in Vinohrady or around I.P. Pavlova will never be the same.


Amelie Siba

Singer Amelie Siba charmed the Czech music community already with her debut album Dye My Hair. Acoustic guitar, introspective lyrics and sensitive vocals introduced a young musician who does not let herself be bound by unnecessary prejudices. She has prestigious awards and European showcase festivals success to show for it.



Bert & Friends

Bert & Friends, a band of mates and skilled musicians, crosses not only genres, but also the boundaries of time and space. Absurd music videos and poetic lyrics remind us of a band that traveled to the Czech Republic from a parallel universe. If you’re looking for something truly unique, your search is over.


Annet X

A sign that pop music can sound fresher than what listeners have been used to for decades? Songs by Annet X, an up-and-coming singer and model! Aneta Charitonova floats between Czech, English and Russian, as well as between velvety soul melodies, pop bangers and R&B swagger.



The four-piece called Skywalker successfully found a balance between hardness and melodiousness. Even though Skywalker is of the leading names of contemporary hardcore music, the band is not afraid to remind us of the noughties pop-punk and nineties hip-hop.


Frankie & The Deadbeats

Country music has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. However, it’s not only positive memories. Frankie & The Deadbeats make this genre really cool again. The songs about cowboys and dreamers refer to American westerns, but the band members do not lack that feeling of the traditional Czech camping in the wilderness. Always listen with your hat on.


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